Hola! Er stackars bloggerska börjar förgås utan internet. Har nu kollat nästan hela Kejsarens Nya Stil samt även nästan läst en bok! Har även börjat hänga mer utanför min lägenhet, t ex med vänner?? är det vad man ska behöva göra under sin fritid? socialisera?!

Also I thought its time to start respecting my fanbase abroad = I’ll try to write a few sentences in english. Its about time I included you guys in the crew.
Här kommer nu lite bilder från första anhalten på min och limpans resa: Bryssel!

Our first stop on the eurotrip was Brussels!

Vi couchsurfade i ca världens finaste lägenhet. Our couchsurfing-host had the nicest apartment ever.

vår värd kollar upp sevärdheter

Det välkända brysselträdet!


We heard that it would bring you luck if you touched this statue with your wrist.

seconds later appeared this shirtless gentleman. no more proof was needed.

manneken pis. 

Grand Place – Grote Markt.

mycket bra öl hade dom.

Vår host tyckte om det där med att spela schack!

In the evening we went to this awesome place called madame moustasche! 

they played perfect swingy music. lina turned out to be an excellent dancer!

in this photo lina has just hit a dude in the balls so he had to lie down for a while. accidents like these happen when you dance bugg.

our german friend was very impressed with linas dancing skills

Loved this place! Great start for a great trip!

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