en liten weekend i Ibiza pt. II

A weekend in february me and my bestie Axel went to Ibiza! And then I uploaded some pictures of it and forgot the rest as always…. But here they are!IMG_0502we rented a scooter and went out to explore the island!
ibiza is almost as beautiful as my butt.IMG_0609
Met a really fun girl at our hostel!IMG_0653 IMG_0656 IMG_0664
common travelfood for this little girl. IMG_9284
the famous Ibiza-boat. Word has it that if you touch this boat with your bare hands you’ll end up having a horrible taste in boys. Unfortunatly, Axel did not now that until after he touched it. …. terribly sad storyIMG_9299 IMG_9301
“oh no why did I touch the boat…”
further to the next town!
IMG_9326 IMG_9339
IMG_9347 IMG_9358 IMG_9372
went inside a creepy cave that they earlier used to smuggle stuff into the island. IMG_9386 IMG_9417 IMG_9454 IMG_9457 IMG_9460 IMG_9468
some jesus probably fell down from here :( rip jesusIMG_9483and then some indian food with this nice lady!

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