One saturday tin july me and the bfriend took a trip to a really cosy beach called waikikibeach to sleep in a cave!

vi kom fram just när solen höll på att gå ner.
“ja du mosis här skall vi sova gott!”IMG_0016
fika och sola. IMG_0019
vi hade med en grym matsäck.
we made sandwiches with guacamole and tofu/garlic-dip, olives and salad!
avslappning 2.1IMG_0043
can you imagine waking up here? This might very much have been my best morning all year. wake up at the beach with the sun in your eyes, when there is noone there, walking slowly to the water that is already varm, mmm what a harmonic moment :))IMG_0045 IMG_0046
but it was a bit creepy sleeping here!! there where lots of bats and one sat down on my shoulder two times! freaked me out a little but I think it was friendly.IMG_0048
goodmorning!IMG_0054vi hoppade från den här klippan! stod och fegade i hundra år innan jag tordes!!! och grabben som ju är en gentleman utan dess like menade att han skulle hoppa så fort han noterat att jag överlevt. men KUL var det!! han har som lärt mig det roliga med att åka och bada, den där pojkn. vill alltid  hoppa från klippor och ha sig = denna sommar har jag åkt och badat svinmycket!!IMG_0058
goodbye waikiki!IMG_0060 IMG_0062
we had to walk through the woods for a while to get back to the bus that would take us to our train home!IMG_0064 IMG_0066
since its close to tarragona we decided to take the train there! we ate at this nice place that i remembered from the last time I was in tarragonaIMG_0067i dare say best weekend ever!!

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