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Ett skepp kommer lastat med lite festivalbilder!

bästa festivallina <3

vackra flicker

älskar att man fick grilla!!

och spela ölkubb! legolas hette spaghettikillen next to lina som ville gifta sig me na

vakna upp i ett tält me min limpa / waking up next to the lump

waking up next to this creature suddenly made me understand the expression coyote ugly

festivalfrulle /festival-oatmeal

also love germany because they have vegan stuff everywhere!!

maxat lidl på området.


“I’d rather have one beertit, than two milktits”, he told us. we did nothing but look at him in pure admiration.

pariserhjul på området

crazy people at flogging molly

*start a moshpit then put away the camera quick as fuck*

nice n clean

another friend at the kooks!!

someone, lina and yoshi

we had the honor of bumping in to wonderwoman again!!

to be continued in part 2! besos!

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